Hair Care

Cut & Style

Healthy hair is a combination of high quality products and stylists who care for their clients and can achieve the look you have envisioned.


  • Women’s Hair Cut- from $59
  • Men’s Hair Cut- from $35
  • Formal Style- from $65
  • Blowout- $35


Smoothing systems are synonymous with glossy, shiny, and silky hair. When you look at the actual results, there is no doubt that this technique is far superior to a conventional straightener. Our stylists are trained in Keratin Complex Therapy, Brazilian Blowout, and Global Keratin. All of these techniques seal in color, protect the hair, and reduce drying and styling time.

Pricing from $200


Whether it’s a new look or one that compliments your natural hair color, we have a colorist who can customize the correct formula that will make people look twice.


  • Base Color: $77
  • Partial Highlights: from $89
  • Full Highlights: $110
  • Men’s Color: $40


Ombre is when hair fades from one color to another. It is not an application or tecnique, it is the end result.

**Price upon consultation**


This is a highlighting technique in which the color is applied in a way that creates a gradual, natural effect.

**Price upon consultation**

Hair Extensions

Having the ability to go from short to long hair has vastly changed over the years. For years, men and women were getting immediate gradification only to realize the damage it was causing to their hair. Today, we offer easy-in easy-out tape in extentions with very minimal damage to the hair. The only damage from these extentions comes from improper care. If clients follow the instructions given to them by our knowledgable staff, they will have beautiful hair.

**Pricing varies and a complimentary consultation is required before application of extentions**

Skin Care

We are living in a world that is always on the run, and so often we sacrifice ourselves for daily deadlines. There is no part of our body that encapsulates stress more than our skin. While some people see facials as an occasional indulgence, there are many reasons to make them a regular part of your health care routine. At Studio Nooshin, we can prescribe the products best suited for you skin, so you can continue the same healthy, anti-aging process at home.


  • Basic Facial: from $95
  • Express Facial: from $55
  • Back Treatment: $90


This method of exfoliation and hair removal uses a medical grade 10 blade scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin as well as annoying peach fuzz, revealing a smoother, brighter complexion. Dermaplaning also allows for better penetration of skin care products as well as creating a flawless canvas for makeup application to glide on smoothly. Our aestheticians are certified and have been properly trained in this service and the handling of these blades.


  • Dermaplaning: $85
  • Add-on Dermaplaning: $55

Chemical Peels

Our Signature peels by Image Skincare help to reverse the visible damage of skin in several ways. They pull away dull, dead skin cells revealing brighter skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and correcting uneven skin tone. They also support collagen for firmer, more bouncy looking skin. We have several different peels which target your individual needs, giving you the best possible results.

Pricing from $65 (Pack of Six: $370)


Our makeup artists don’t stop short of excellence. All of our staff is educated in makeup application. Our head makeup artist has been educated at one of the most prestigious academies in the country. From prom to weddings and the red carpet, she can achieve the very look you’ve envisioned for that special day. She is also trained in special effects, prosthetics, air brush and Halloween makeup. You won’t be disappointed by our talented staff.


  • Full Face: from $65
  • Lash Application only: $25 (Mink lashes included)
  • Makeup Lessons: $65 (bring your everyday makeup bag and let our artist show you how to properly use the poducts you have to create a quick & beautiful look you can do every day)

Wedding Packages

  • Bridal Makeup- $200 (this includes a full face consultation prior to the wedding date, as well as Mink lashes to be worn the day of the wedding)
  • Brides Maids- $65 or $70 with lashes
  • Mother of the bride/groom- $45 or $50 with lashes
  • Flower girl- (Free 12 years of age or younger) $25

**On Location pricing my vary and travel expenses may apply**

Permanent Makeup


This is a semi-permanent method of tattooing that is created using tiny hair like strokes, resulting in the most natural looking alternative for those with sparse or thinning brows. At Studio Nooshin, we believe that no two brows are alike, so before your treatment, you will start with a consultation to discuss the desired shape and color you have in mind for your brows. Even if you don’t have much hair to follow, your natural born structure will guide us to what will look best on you.

Powdered Brows

If you are someone who prefers a fuller brow but still wants a soft textured look, you may want to consider the powdered technique. This technique mimics the appearance of conventional brow makeup whether it be a brow pencil or brow shadow.

The result of either choice is clean and natural looking symmetrical eyebrows that are perfectly placed and colored. Whether you have very light eyebrows or no eyebrows at all, cosmetic tattoo special treatment can help change your life.

  • Pricing: $400

**Please note: Brows will appear darker during the healing process due to the natural scabbing during the first week. This is common in all permanent cosmetic procedures**

Permanent Eyeliner

This permanent eye makeup service will help you look more put together straight out of bed every day and will shorten your morning routine to be fast and easy. A consultation is required prior to your procedure to ensure the best results for each individual.


  • Top only $250
  • Bottom only $250
  • top and bottom together $400


If you struggle with having to re apply your lipstick and liner constantly throughout the day, we have the perfect solution! with permanent lip procedures, there is no more wasting money on lipsticks and no more messy reapplying. This details technique will give you long lasting results that enhance your lips natural size and shape. touch ups are recommended every 1-2 years to maintain your results.


  • Full Lip $600
  • Lip Liner + Light Shading $450
  • Lip Liner Only $300

**price upon consultation**

Does it hurt?

Topical anesthetics have been developed especially for permanent cosmetics. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how gentle the procedure is. Most patients report a mild vibration or tickling sensation.

How long will my make-up last?

With age, sun exposure, metabolism, and natural skin exfoliation it will fade somewhat after 3-5 years and can be refreshed with a maintenance touch-up. However, the darker the color, the longer it will stay unchanged on your skin. This process varies from individual to individual according to their skin type and lifestyle.

How long is the procedure and how long does it take to recover?

Initially, a medical history and consultation is arranged to determine shape, size and color. A scratch test is required. The consult can be done the same day as your procedure. The actual procedure time is 1 to 2 hours, depending on the areas receiving pigment. Aftercare instructions are given so you know exactly what and when to expect it. Recovery time is minimal and does not require time off from work. A slight swelling and redness and sometimes slight bruising will be present for 2-3 days. After 4-6 weeks, the procedure heals completely and a touch-up may be needed for perfection.



Eyelash extensions are the secret to getting fuller, longer lashes without all the work. When you look good, you feel good! knowing your eyes look good from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed will give you the confidence to take on your day with ease. And because you wake up this way, your morning routine is quick and easy. Many of our clients even say that they have found themselves wearing less makeup overall. These faux lashes are expertly applied to each of your natural lashes with medical grade adhesive.


  • Classic Full Set: $199
    • Classic Fills: First week- $35, Second week- $60, Third week- $80, Four weeks- $110
  • Volume Full Set: $260
    • Volume Fill: $85
    • Mini Volume Fill: $45
  • Lash Removal: $35

** Note: A foreign fee of $40 will be applied for first time clients who request a fill on existing extensions applied elsewhere
** Any fills past 4 weeks are considered a full set**

Lift & Tint

Lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes giving them a nice shape upwards as well as a realistic curl. The entire service takes about an hour and the results will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. This service also comes with a complimentary lash tint, giving your lashes the look of mascara automatically.

Pricing:  $85



While threading originated in Japan, Persians have been using this hair removal method for years. Threading is the art of taking a simple spool of 100% cotton thread and twisting it so that as it twists, it removes hair and exfoliates at the same time. This gives a more natural look to the removal and grow back process, leaving the skin soft to the touch.

Pricing: $25


While we specialize in threading, we find that some customers prefer waxing, and we are happy to accommodate! In addition to facial waxing, we also offer body waxing for a smooth, long-lasting hair removal.

Pricing:  $25


Unlike shaping waxing, threading, or tweezing, brow-tinting is a color service that doesn’t take away any hair (although you can do so in conjunction with hair removal) but uses semi-permanent dye to enhance color, shape, and thickness — or all of the above. The dyes we use are designed specifically for use on the eyelash and eyebrows. It’s not harmful, looks natural and lasts a long time.

Pricing:  $20


While threading originated in Japan, Persians have been using this hair removal method for years. Threading is the art of taking a simple spool of 100% cotton thread and twisting it so that as it twists, it removes hair and exfoliates at the same time. This gives a more natural look to the removal and grow back process, leaving the skin soft to the touch.


  • Brows: $25
  • Lip/Chin: $20
  • Neck: $10
  • Full Face: $60

We offer body waxing for a smooth, long-lasting hair removal. At Studio Nooshin, we use only the finest wax, which removes hair at the root, leaving your skin smooth and sans stubble for weeks. Our studio maintains the highest standards of cleanliness, so that your experience is as pleasant and stress-free as possible.


  • Brow: $25
  • Lip/Chin: $20
  • Bikini: $45
  • Brazilian: $70
  • Back: $65
  • Legs: Half $45 / Full $70
  • Arms: Half $45 / Full $65
  • Underarm/Nose/Ears: $30 each
  • Full Face: $60